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About Us


'be the exception'

iNDAH KOiN (Indonesian for beautiful coin) was inspired by Dad's coin collection, and what to do with all these coins sitting in a box.

The idea of jewellery was a no brainer.

We make these pieces personal and sentimental by offering coin jewellery by years and also custom made jewellery with our customer's special coins.

Our range expanded into meditation rings, which are all high quality sterling silver, designed by iNDAH KOiN and hand made in India. These rings are a favorite of our customer, offering them a wide range of sizes and styles, definitely a product they can't resist!

We want to offer our customers a point of difference.

Our range is designed to cater for our daughters, our friends and our mothers so that all women have the opportunity to feel unique.

In creating iNDAH KOiN, we were able to pursue our dreams of creating something special.